Dovo Warranty

Ready to Shave:

All Dovo straight razors have been factory certified as "ready to shave", but do require proper stropping before use. We can provide references to trusted honemeisters for customers that prefer to have a blade that is sharper than factory standards.
Note: Honing your razor voids Dovo's factory warranty. Please call 1(800)801-0769 for further questions and assistance.

Important Advice to the User:

The blade of your open straight razor has a very fine and vulnerable cutting edge. Touching it or cutting materials other than beard hair, or using it for other than its intended purpose will damage or destroy it. Therefore a direct contact with the skin should only occur during the shaving session. Gentle stropping of the blade before shaving maintains the blade's cutting ability for several months, while too much pressure onto the strop will cause damage to the fine cutting edge. Please contact your dealer for further advice and information.


Blades of open straight razors are made of stainless or carbon steel and therefore require a particular diligence and maintenance. Blade and handle have to be cleaned and dried carefully after use. For long term storage the blade should be lightly oiled and the open straight razor be kept in a dry environment.

Note: The warranty claim expires with improper treatment

DOVO/Merkur Warranty:

There is a two year warranty on all products made by Dovo/Merkur starting from the day of purchase. This warranty only covers manufacture and material defects, NOT damage caused from improper handling, usage or normal wear. If you have any further question please contact us.