*Merkur Vision 2000 Adjustable Butterfly Safety Razor in Gift Box

*Merkur Vision 2000 Adjustable Butterfly Safety Razor in Gift Box

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Please see the Merkur VISION 4-Piece Satin Finish Safety Razor Shaving Set for similar item

The Merkur Vision is a one-of-a-kind safety razor. It is the only adjustable safety razor with a butterfly opening. It is a crowning achievement in engineering which allows full adjustability so that the blade angle can cater to the unique contours of your face. The revolutionary design allows for a boldly close and comfortable shave. It is a heavy safety razor with a long handle which allows for a comfortable grip.

Length: 4 3/4"
Weight: 125 grams

Note: This razor comes with 10 free blades in an elegant gift box

Customer Reviews

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 Too Heavy blade not always centered, 2.28.2014
Reviewer: Jordon D Berkove (Sonoma, CA)

As I am not able to edit my original view I will You tube like crazy about this. Beautifully constructed this razor has two flaws. The Blade centers poorly when closed. Too heavy for any but solid hands. German razors tend to be extremely bold about blade presentation. Please set to 1 or two or in the case of the Vision set to a low setting too start. I recommend the adjustable Futura adjustable barber pole as it locks the Blade solid and is adjustable. It is by far the best of many I have bought and tried in the Merkur line and about $75 it a better deal.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Great Razor, 11.10.2013
Reviewer: Sir. Hippo (Brentwood Bay, BC)

I've had this razor for five years and it still works great. The adjustability, quality, and appearance of this razor make it an excellent choice. Looks great on the Dovo stand.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 this thing is awesome, 6.18.2013
Reviewer: tim (, )

so i figured if i'm going to switch to a safety razor - i might as well go for the best. this thing has all of the bells and whistles that i could ask for and it looks legendary. it is super heavy which was awkward to hold at first, but i got used to it after a few shaves. i like the adjustment so i don't cut myself on days where im in a rush. i've read up on it quite a bit and everyone says you have to take really good care of it ie. cleaning it every few weeks and stuff. no problem, it's an easy clean.

2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5 Great till it breaks, 3.21.2013
Reviewer: DMC (Chattanooga, TN)

This razor works great, when it works. But after using it for 1 year, it would not adjust properly, it kept locking up. Despite me cleaning it per the instructions. It eventually locked up to the point it won't adjust at all. I've had to send mine to Dovo/Merkur for repair/replacement. (Which takes months given the shipping to Germany.) But the common issue with the Vision razor is that it's not well constructed. Parts inside are plastic and the metal does not seem to be high grade. So it works well for a while and then something fails/breaks. Given the price it's not good to have such issues. I've got a much cheaper Merkur Progress that never had such issues like the Vision. And I didn't even take as much care of the Progress, yet its still more durable. Simply put, if asked 2 months ago, I'd say this thing is great and 5 stars, but today I'm learning what many Vision owners learn in time. It's not as durable as most other razors, but costs more. So it's 2 stars and I won't be buying another. I'll be selling mine once it comes back.

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 Blade adjustment clogs up, 11.23.2012
Reviewer: John Linney (Churchville, New York)

I have had my Mekur Vision for one year now, it is a very good razor, but, it keep cutting myself, on my chin, same spot every time! Setting the blade adjustment to fine, it does not cut that good, setting to corse, it is too agressive. I have been shaving for 56 years, so I am not new to wet shaving. I used a stright razor for 20 yuears, the I had a accident with a machine, and I cannot hold a stright razor anymore. The minerals in our water, makes cleaning the Vision, a two week chore, Vinegar does not seem to help? I am thinking of purchasing a Pils 101NE, as it has a lot a good reviews. Execpt for the place where I keep cutting myself, I do enjoy the Vision. built like a swiss watch!

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5 Maintain or it will break!, 10.23.2012
Reviewer: Santaya (Piedmont, CA)

After only 3 years of this "lifetime" razor, the internal mechanism jammed and broke making the razor useless. I would never recommend this razor.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Good, 6.9.2011
Reviewer: Kenny (San Juan, PR)

I got this razor for about 3 years now. The construction is perfect the adjustable seetings are good and the balance is real nice. I always use this razor on the most open seeting due to the fact that I use straight razors too. I like to feel the blade cutting on the face. The recomendation I could add is to use the razor with feather blades as I used it will be better. Real good purchase feel free to add this razor to your rotation.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Love this razor, perfect for me, 6.3.2011
Reviewer: Michael Willet (, CA)

This is my first DE razor and I'm very happy I followed the advice of other reviewers and bought this one. The tin and packaging is solid. I find the VISION adjustment method easy. It seems like I need to use different adjustment settings depending on the brand of blade that I use (feather=lower setting than gillette 5 o'clock or derby extra). The razor has a good weight to it and feels good in my hand. The razor disassembles easily when a diluted vinegar cleaning is in order to get the soap/shaving cream residue off. Blade changes are easy as well. I don't care for the included murker blades, but that could just be a personal preference. I'd gladly recommend this to any shaver.

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 The closest shave, the weirdest Settings, 5.6.2011
Reviewer: Jordon Berkove (Guerneville, CA)

The Vision surprised me with it solid heft. Its Pros are a very close shave and the sides of the blade are surrounded by the closed mechanism. It oozs quality and once properly adjusted it will serve me well. Now that brings me to the Cons which are the screwy adjustment system. Using the letters VISION without indents or anything but a branded trademark which doesn't align with either end of the scale, you have to experiment. I suggest you start on the low side if you were brought up on American dbl. edge adjustables like the Schick adjustable with its infinitely more sensible indexed 1-9 settings. A 5 on a Shick is what a 2-3 is on the Vision. That merits a 4. Happy but the Vision just misses the perfect sxcore by it's indexing and higher maintenance.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Must have the Battlestar Galactica razor, 10.18.2010
Reviewer: Edwin (Greensboro, NC)

I've been wet shaving for a while. My favorite razor was a Merkur Progress and the modified version, the Mergress. I was set with DE razors until I saw Admiral Adama using the Merkur Vision. I just had to have one. I've used it a couple of times so I can't speak to longevity. I can say it shaves better than the modified Progress. I'm quite happy with it.

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 wide adjustibility, 5.31.2010
Reviewer: Dave (Burnsville, MN)

had heard that this one tended to be "aggressive" but have found the range of adjustment to start quite mild but adjusts to way more blade exposure than I would ever need. still working on dialing it in just right but it is a very nice unit. my only complaint is the size-able distance from the end of the blade to the razor's end making getting close under the nose difficult. otherwise, I'm happy :)

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Excellent Choice, 5.7.2010
Reviewer: Drew (Andover, MN)

- Nice case, excellent blades included - After using this product I will never use any of that "Mach 10,000-million platinum blah blah blah blade" garbage. This cuts far nicer, very maneuverable, highly adjustable, great craftsmanship, good cleaning but a bit cumbersome for a through clean.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 works for me, 3.17.2010
Reviewer: James (Syracuse, N.Y.)

I gave up on the 5 edge blade for this Merkur Vision. I was very surprised on how nice it works. I have as yet to cut myself, and find the learning curve to be short. I have referred it to friends who are thinking of making the switch away from the throw away junk stuff. In short, I am happy.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 A real Vision, 2.21.2010
Reviewer: Eliut Flores (Gurabo, PR)

The Vision is the ideal razor for anyone wanting the ultimate DE experience. This razor is fully adjustable and the construction is superb. It's heavy enough to do most of the work with no pressure. The blade loading mechanism is awesome to look at and quite simple to operate. If you are making an investment in DE shaving, why not get the best to begin with? It seems to be built to last a lifetime!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Amazing, 4.4.2008
Reviewer: Dan Perea (Huntington Beach, CA)

This is the best razor I've ever owned and probably will ever own. Super smooth, solid, and comfortable. Love it.