*Feather Razor "Artist Club" RG, Special Teakwood

*Feather Razor "Artist Club" RG, Special Teakwood

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This convenient and affordable straight razor is perfect for someone just getting started with straight razor shaving. Feather brand products are professionally crafted for those that want the closeness and quality of a straight razor shave without having to learn how to strop, hone and use a professional straight razor. The advanced design of this Feather straight razor allows for customization with Feather blades.

The Feather Artist Club RG Special is solid brass plated with satin finished chromium. The blade holder is assembled using a removable screw for easy cleaning and adjusting. Each razor features a unique patterned tropical Teakwood handle that has been treated and stabilized for a long lasting razor. Razors come in an elegant handmade wooden box.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 excellent razor!, 9.3.2010
Reviewer: Tim (Jefferson city, Tn)

I have used straight razors and like most people sometimes I travel or just dont have a stropped razor ready to go. This razor is perfect. The first time I tried a feather I purchased the least expensive I could find. I then bought the this artists club with the teak handle. Its even better. The blade is longer and the head is more the size of a 5/8ths straight razor. The head is heavier than both the straight and the less expensive feather and that is something I really like. There is no pushing to get a closer shave. This one just glides through. Forget the stories of it being scary sharp. It is but using their pro guard blades it just floats along like it should without pressure needed. I havnt even knicked myself one time yet. Its expensive but if you think you would like one I recomend spending more if you want the more expensive razor because after using it you wont even think of returning it. I love mine and the teak wood gives it a classy look and feel. It also has a solid feel and you can tell its great quality. I wont even think about telling someone to try a cheap "shavette" first because they are nowhere in the same league. So, dont be afraid to buy the best, its more than worth the difference in price and I did get great service from royal shave and the razor arrived in just two days. A great experience and a class act all the way!