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RoyalShave Sandalwood Scent Shaving Soap in Porcelain Bowl

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Quick Overview:

  • Vegetable-based formula

  • Contains hydrating shea butter and coconut oil

  • Tantalizing woodsy scent with a hint of spice

  • Comes with a classic, porcelain bowl that is perfect for using with a brush

  • Soap Dimensions: Weight: 5.3 oz. / 150 g | Diameter: 3.5 in. | Base Ingredient: Vegetable
  • Details

    Start your day right with an energizing, burst of sandalwood. This soothing woodsy scent has notes of citrus that will awaken your senses. Royal Shave Sandalwood Scent Shaving Soap will prepare your face with a shaving soap that offers a soothing, moisturizing feeling to your skin. Its base ingredient is made of up a vegetable-based formula. Contains beneficial and natural ingredients, such as, hydrating shea butter and coconut oil to nourish and hydrate the skin. It creates a slick lather allowing the razor to glide across your face. Comes with a porcelain bowl, which is ideal for using with a shaving brush.

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