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*Wacker Allround 6/8" Full Hollow Silver Steel Straight Razor - Buffalo Horn

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Quick Overview:

This product is discontinued.

  • Genuine horn scales with distinct grain patterns—no two are identical

  • Springy full hollow blade follows the contours of your face

  • Aggressively-cut, non-slip file jimps

  • Spanish point for greater precision when shaping

  • Blade Width: 6/8” | Grind: Full Hollow | Scales Material: Buffalo Horn
  • Details

    The Wacker Round Straight Razor features a 6/8" Full Hollow Ground carbon steel blade with a Spanish Point which makes it easy to reach those hard-to-shave spots. The handle is made from high quality genuine horn and the blade features an Original Solingen gold etching. The tang proudly bears the Wacker Solingen logo. Heribert Wacker 1/1 Full Hollow Ground blades are often referred to as "extra hollow" or a "singing blade"We recommend using Gold Dachs Horn Protection Balm to keep your handle looking brand new.

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Wacker

    Product Questions

    Does Royal Shave hone the razor to make it shave ready or does the razor come with the factory edge ?
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